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‘Do goodness, find goodness’ is a promise. The Cappadocia has proved me once again that the good of a true life story I listened to the Dedeman Hotel can sometimes create a miracle.

I went to Cappadocia to make a presentation in the ‘Marketing Vision’ at the Sun Insurance Agencies Meeting. I’m going to go to the presentation in the morning to go out of my dinner early to get out of my dinner and want to go to bed early.

I went down to the hotel’s restaurant. Turkey’s close to four hundred agencies have come over there. They were sitting in groups both eating and laughing and laughing were doing festival chats by joking. In the left hand corner, he has a seated agent on a table close to the kitchen door. I went nearby I sat down. I said to ‘be disagree.’ I drank my soup. I started my hot food. The agency at my side was never talking. It was as if he had a problem. I thought it was an empty table in a corner away from other agencies, perhaps he was grappling with the storms he lived in your mind.

I started talking by asking your mind. He answered that as I asked. The answers brought new questions. My interest has increased as they listen. I started asking deeper questions as my interest increases.

The person I sit next to it was 1957 Urfa, which was born in Sun Insurance Adapazar─▒ Agent Halil born. ‘Is the adapazarar earthquake’s troubles crossed?’ She looked amazed with me when I asked.

‘We are not able to forget the earthquake. He took a lot. In our hearts and brain, we opened the deep wounds we can’t forget for life in our brain ‘he said. Told me an incident passing through the earthquake day. As she tells the bogs were fitted to my throat. I stayed in amazement. I believed that the reward of doing good is to give God in a way to make goodness.

‘I got up early this morning. My wife staff has stayed at me before I was up to me. When I sit on the table I saw that my wife holds the cheek with his hand, painfully crumpled his face. ‘My tooth hurts very badly. If you pull right away, ‘he said. Our dentists come in four o’clock in the afternoon to their examination. ‘The lady get a painkiller. Frequently, Sabret. I come to the dentist who gets you in four o’clock to the dentist ‘I’m out of the house.

August 16, 1999, I had a lot of work to do that day. I wasn’t supposed to forget at home with the female weighing the diverging lady. I should have stripped the teeth to have strapped. I started to make phone calls to search my clients and refresh their policies to end the fuses.

I drove to work. Office Factory Owner Businessman I have not realized that my customer has entered Ahmet Bey. ‘Halil Bey, the salutation is a cooperation. I’m not diving ‘I’ve come to myself with the words. Ahmet Bey was one of my best insurance customers. He was making all the insurance jobs long for many years.

‘Ahmet Abi, this day there is a trouble in me. I don’t know niy. We will take the teeth of my wife in the afternoon. Maybe I said.

Ahmet Bey ‘I also came to give you an offer to give you an offer’ he told me a surprise offer. ‘I want my haliler to buy my cottage house in my cebeci’

I always thought the cause of the boredom in me. I didn’t have the financial situation to take my cottage or something.

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