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1132) Moves the Bayaati which Baghdadi is not at the level to understand the IBN Sina. Again, Sühreverdi (Ö.1191) suggests that his philosophers develop views without being based on the burhana without understanding the evidence of the philosophers. But Ibn Toymiyye (Ö.1328) Appreciates Baghdadi by stating that he was looking for the old ones and looking for truth. Apparently, when those in the philosophy finds the subjects that will be consented on them, those who are excluded from the culture of philosophy have praised it, it is stated that the Baghdadî has chosen Muslims in an advanced age. While Muslim is connected to reasons such as worrying about the pride and life, these reasons do not seem sufficient to choose something that has reached a certain maturity in terms of both age and culture. After being a Muslim, he has written the Magdadi, which serves Caliphian-Private Liemrillah, with his proposal. The ruler of the Baghdadic intermediate spaces I. Seyfeddin Gazi went to Mosul for treatment, returned to Baghdad on his death. According to Ibnü’l-KiFTI, it has been a wide range of interest in a large expression man, which has a comfortable life, which has a comfortable life after becoming a Muslim. Between students, Ibn Falan, FIKIH, Procedure and Hadith, Yahya b. Ali b. Of more than; Famous Philosopher Abdüllatif al-Baghdadi’s father, hadith, FIKIH, Kıraat and famous forkliiş Yusuf b. Muhammad b. Ali al-Baydadi; Ibnü’n-Nakkaş known as medicine, tongue and hadith scholarship Sezezzebüddin Ali b. Jesus b. Hibeetullah; Ibnü’d-Dehhan, referred to, language sciences and Tefsire belongs to a 3 4 5 6 7 8

Şemseddin Şehrezuri, Nüzhetu’l-Ervah, / History’l-Hukema, Junction: A.Şuveyreb, Tripoli 1988, 343-344. EBU’L-Berekat al-Baghdadi, Kitabu’l-Muteber, First Printing, Hyderabad 1357, 3. Zahiruddin Beyhaki, Tetimme Shankanı’l-Hikme, Tekkik: Dr. R. El-Acem, Beirut 1994, 105-106. Sihabeddin Sühreverdi, Kitabu’l-Taşreli and’l-mutor, analytic. Henry Corbin, Tehran 1993, 435. Suleyman Nedvi, “Article” in Kitabu’l-Muteber (El -ology), Hyderabad 1357, 240. Call, X, 300; P, I, 111

Said b with a lot of works and a famous Nahiv. Mubarak b. Ali’s names pass and the notes of the notes that form the book’l-Mu’teBer were held by these students9. He lost their eyes toward the end of his life and thus printed his works to their students. He probably passed away on Hemedan on 547/1152 and the funeral has been moved to Baghdad later .10

3. Their works 1. Kitabu’l-Mu’teber Fi’l-Hikme: Şerafettin Yaltkaya and Süleyman were printed in Hyderabad 1357 with the contributions of Süleyman Nedvi. Yaltkaya, which translated part of theology to Turkish, the Darul-Fun was jellied in the Faculty of theology of theology. Kitabu’l-Muteber, Aristota’s logic, physics and metaphysical issues were written on the artifacts and the conflicted, the views of the previous ones were written on the subject, and the resulting muteber result was written on the issue. The most important nature of the work is that “teaching / instruction” book. With the statement of Baghdadi, this work was prepared in order to ensure that the distant students who are capable of receiving philosophical culture are given to the Heder, and each aspect of the relevant issues are disclosed and the way they understand.

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