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These were technical but first of all the economic and social type. Technical Prerequisites In the 18th century, in the textile industry, mechanization and especially with the completion of the steam machine. Economic and social prerequisites were the presence of large capital condensation and mass-free “worker. This means that all the tools appear to create their existence and at the same time breaking all feudal bonds.

The beginning of the development of capitalism in the European world, the UK took place with the demanding of independent small farms, which is a dramatic historical example for this. The other way is also the disaster developed through the taxes of small farmers as carried out after the revolution in France. In this way, the labor was gradually plucked from production tools and the conditions needed.

The social and political conditions necessary for industrial capitalism were unearthed in the UK in the 17th century. The absolute monarchy was destroyed after King Stuart falls in 1688. The strengthening of the parliament was economically strengthened and social in social, also reinforcing the position of the bourgeoisie to the foreground. In this historical period, farming was almost finished. Farms were established to form the framework of an agricultural industry sector in terms of magnitude and specialization instead of free farming. In addition, it was an old farmer and the tenant army, which will accept the industry business, the work looking for business was formed.

Ultimately in the agricultural economy, mining and the groundbreaking technical innovations that are ready to be used in the textile industry took place. Of course, the industrial revolution called the industrial revolution has passed almost a hundred years ago before starting all aspects of the process. This delay has only one explanation: the crisis in the 17th century. The crisis created a collapse on the continental as Eric Hobsbavvm has characterized the political developments in Europe. Therefore, important buyer markets of British textile production were no longer available. On the other hand, the amenities such as loot and treasure were through the highest profit of the marine. Investing from the point of view of the capital was more blameful to mind. In parallel with this, UK’s producer craft has made a model in short time. In the economic relations entered with occupation zones in North America, the business part will be determined in the future will be determined. The colonials were forced to submit raw materials to metropolis, as well as committed goods. The establishment of private manufacturing has been banned.

The issue, which is important for the Netherlands, the largest commercial power of Europe, is not to leave the trade and banking that concerns capital and banking as a second candidate in the transformation of industrial capitalism. They didn’t have a reliable alternative to that. This explains the return of the 18th century with its economic collapse and industrial developments.

The conquest of India in the middle of the 18th century, the British textile sector of the British textile sector, has been a lively support for the industrial perspective. This is caused by the elimination of strong competitors that are effective from unlimited loop to which the Eastern Indian Company implements as representative of British colonialism.

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