Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is effective as of May 27, 2015.

This Privacy Policy (also known as the “Policy”) applies to (also known as “Company” or “Site”). It informs you (also ‘You’ and/ or ‘Your’) of our services, how we collect, use and share the information you provide to us. The use of this site and the exchange of personal information that you provide constitutes an agreement with these policies. Please read this complete policy before using this site. The use of this site implies that you have read, understood and accepted this and all other policies presented on this site. If you do not agree with the policy of this site and the terms and conditions of this company, do not use it. Changes can be made to this policy at any time.

Personal information

By using this site and its services, you allow the site to collect “personally identifiable information” and “non-personally identifiable information” about you. This information is described below:

Personal identification information

The use of this site requires that you provide “personally identifiable information”. Your unique data is necessary for communication and identification. This information may include, but is not limited to: your name, date of birth, telephone number, physical address, social security number, driver’s license number and status, email address, telephone number, employment information , your military information, your home ownership information, your citizenship status, the frequency and amount of paychecks, as well as your bank information.

Personally non-personally identifiable information

The use of this site gives us an anonymous “non-personal identification information”, which may include, among others, the Internet protocol address, the Internet service provider, the type of operating system and the type of browser. This information can be obtained directly when the “cookies” function is activated and the data is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Disabled cookies may prevent access to certain areas of this site. This company has no control over the technology of cookies. This information may be collected and shared with third parties for trend analysis and statistics, and is not related in any way to your personally identifiable information.

How third-party information is shared

The use of this site allows this company to share the information you disclose to third parties and affiliates. The information you share with this company gives us your permission to share this information with our network of external lenders to process loan applications. A third party can use the information you have provided in several ways. It can be used to offer you a loan, other commercial services or marketing information. Your data can also be shared with other list managers and marketers. Each of these parties has its own policies to collect, use and share your information. Once your data has been shared, this site is no longer responsible for how your information is used.

The information you provided, possibly shared by the company, due to legal procedures, the prevention of fraud, in the event that this company is sold, acquired or broken, improvements on the site, in case of violation of our policies and / or conditions, or when and where the company considers that assets or rights are being violated.

In addition, this site may penalize third-party advertisers and other marketing partners. These companies often use their own technology (including “cookies”) to track and gather marketing data. Please note that this site does NOT disclose personally identifiable information to these external advertising partners.

How is my information used?

The information you have provided allows us to put you in contact with a collaborating external lender, one of our lender networks or with a business relationship established with us. This information allows you to review your loan application, in addition to providing a quality service to the client, communications by mail, email, telephone or mobile devices with respect to our services (ours or that of third parties), with a view to Application of our Terms and Conditions. Conditions, or for other services that are provided on this site. Your bank information, in addition to social security information, can also be used to verify your identity to prevent fraud.

How are my data safe?

There are several security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized recovery, use, disclosure or destruction. This applies to both digital and physical information. This site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, stores personal data on secure servers and uses password protection.

Despite all the precautions you take to protect your information, storage or transmission of data can not be guaranteed. Therefore, the data is not necessarily protected, neither in storage nor in transmission. When you access this site, it is done at your own risk. If your personally identifiable information is subject to a security breach, you will be notified, as well as to any responsible organization, in accordance with the law. The notification can be sent by email. This notification may be subject to judicial delays to investigate and take other security measures.

Links to third party sites.

Third party sites may have links to this company that are not controlled and whose policies differ from those of this company. This site assumes no responsibility for the practices, content or policies of third parties. When you access third-party sites, the information you provide remains your responsibility, in addition to any content that you have accessed. Your personal information may be used unlike the data you provided on this site. Read the policies and terms and conditions of each site before continuing.